Brain Drain to Brain Gain

We are NRB Engineers. This is time for us to pay back to our motherland. 

about CONE

Sometimes all you need is a simple spark to start a bonfire

The idea of CONE was championed by Engr. Ghulam Mohammed Alomgir, an NRB, a BUET Alumni and Chairman of Max group. He had announced the convention at the AABEA Bi-Annual conference in New York where he was speaking as the Keynote speaker and national professor Dr. Jamilur Reza Chowdhury was the Chief Guest. Engr. Alomgir’s proposal was received with high appreciation and the 1st CONE (Convention Of NRB Engineers) was born.    

The convention will begin with an opening session. Then there will be multiple seminars all in the plenary session where expert engineers will present their papers. These papers were reviewed and selected by a committee of renowned engineers. There will be two types of discussions, the demand side, and the supply side. For the demand side, the needs and demands will be highlighted by various agencies within the government. From the supply side, the engineers will present their solutions for these needs or present their innovative ideas for other areas. The seminar proceedings will be published and distributed among the attendees and to various sectors of the government.    

The event is being coordinated and managed by “Bridge 2 Bangladesh” (B2B), under the leadership of Azadul Haq, an Electrical Engineer based in Houston, Texas, USA.  B2B is working closely with Economic Relations Division (ERD), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), A2i, Cabinet Division, ICT Division, UNDP, USAID, BIDA, BEZA, High-Tech Park Authority, Engineering Institute of Bangladesh (IEB), IDEB, BCSCL, AABEA, Bangladesh Innovation Forum to make the event a success. 

Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has graciously agreed to be the Chief Guest and will Inaugurate the Convention on the 26th. Honorable Finance Minister A H M Mustafa Kamal, FCA, MP will be the Chair of the Inaugural Session and ERD Secretary Monowar Ahmed will welcome the guests. 

National Professor Respected Dr. Jamilur Reza Chowdhury has graciously agreed to the Chief Advisor of the advisory board. SDG Chief Coordinator Abul Kalam Azad will be the Special Guest of Honor and Engr. Ghulam Mohammed Alomgir will give the keynote speech. 

Ministries who may have engineering needs:    

1.      Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges 
2.      Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources 
3.      Ministry of Posts, Telecommunication & Information Technology 
4.      Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change 
5.      Ministry of Housing and Public Works 
6.      Ministry of Agriculture 
7.      Ministry of Commerce 
8.      Ministry of Industries 
9.      Ministry of Water Resources 
10.  Ministry of Science and Technology 
11.  Ministry of Railways 
12.  Ministry of Textile and Jute    

Engineers from around the world will be attending the convention. For a limited number of attendees, their hotel accommodation in a 5-star hotel, concierge service at the airport, courtesy ride from/to airport, ride to/from the hotel, meals for 2 days will be provided by the Convention authority. 

"We are ready to serve the nation. Join us from around the globe. This is time to give back to the nation that gave us the opportunity to be an Engineer. 

- Engr. Ghulam Mohammed Alomgir