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In a nutshell, you can use WordPress templates to apply a set of styles and content to a post or page. Post templates, in particular, enable you to create different designs you can apply to certain posts, without having to recreate the styling and format every time. It’s similar to how a stencil enables you to draw a certain shape over and over by giving you an outline you can fill with new content each time.

Depending on your site, this could be used in a variety of ways. You could use different templates for varying types of post content that require a specific layout. For example, a music site might use different templates for review posts and news articles. You could also use it to create a different template for each post author, or for featured content, to give just two more examples.

If this sounds like an amazingly useful feature, you’re not wrong! However, it’s one that’s been somewhat neglected by most WordPress users. This is because there’s not been an easy way to create your own custom single post templates without the need to do some coding, which can turn off many users with limited experience.

However, this is no longer a necessity, as there’s now a way to accomplish the same goal with no coding whatsoever. The rest of this article will be dedicated to showing you the different ways you can create a custom single post template.

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